The threat of teenagers drinking and driving late nights



Teenagers drinking statistics have revealed that the true dangers of drinking alcohol make them to indulge in antisocial behavior, cruelty and accidents. It leads them into serious consequences that can cause defeat to their life, or they can get captivated on a wheelchair or can cause brain damage. Actually, most of the teenagers in this age have friendship with those who are already in bad habits.  They finally begin to learn bad habits from them and become addicted to drugs, cocaine and drinking habits.

teenage drinking statistics

The teenagers drinking statistics have shown that more than seventeen thousand youth have died due to drunken driving at nights. And one third has shown that the teenagers between 15 to 20 years spend their remaining life in bed by losing limbs and retard mental condition.

How to prevent the teenagers from facing such hazards?



Parents should keep watch on their children and should be careful about their where about. It is the responsibility of today’s youth to cooperate with their parents instead of arguing them in certain conditions. Teenagers should be away from the habit of drinking as the teenagers drinking statistics have proven that the deaths caused by road accidents is due to driving in drunken situation.

Teenagers get into the habit of drunk due to stress, burden of studies or pressure from parents to top in education and other offenses. Some families have faced these kinds of situations and are still in the trauma of losing their dear ones. So, the teenagers must be counseled through a psychiatrist who can find out the reason of drinking.

Influence of alcohol results to accidents and loss of life



Every teenager is aware of this statement that they are going to lose a life if they drive in drunken situation. Teenage drinking statistics have explained most of you drive your vehicle without wearing a seat belt, violating traffic rules and other risky driving offenses. You can believe from the statistics recorded from daily accidents caused on highways and tracks.

Every day an average of 8 to ten teenagers get killed in road mishaps. There is no certain age to face accidents. It may occur in any age that neglect the driving rules and drive in a drunken situation.  You need to understand the situation as it is not a laughing matter. If you neglect the precautions, then you are going to lose life or get your limbs amputated.

Is there a solution to stop teenagers from drinking?



There is a solution to every problem. In the same way, teenagers’ can be stopped from crinkling and driving rashly on highways and footpaths.

  • Being responsible parents you need to teach your child about the deadly techniques of drunken driving.
  • Prepare them for by introducing them with the real life of those who are laid in bed for life long and others who are alive but equal to a dead body.
  • Be proactive and teach your children to be in limits and enjoy life.
  • Don’t stop them from enjoying freedom but attend to them every time they are depressed and sad because if you leave them alone they get addicted to drinking and spoil life or lose it.